Carnivorous plants

Welcome at this website about the most beautiful creation of mother nature: Carnivorous plants! 
Carnivorous plants naturally grow in poor conditions, widespread over the world. To survive in these poor conditions, carnivorous plants designed several methods to catch their nutrients. These catching-mechanisms give the plants a pretty and colourful look, which makes them very capable as decoration in- or outdoors.

This website offers a big amount of pictures of my collection and fieldtrips. Besides that my up-to-date growlist is on this website. I'm trying to illustrate each plant in my growlist with a picture.

During wintertime I devide my plants so I can offer a wide range of carnivorous plants for sale. Every year around January I release my saleslist. You can find my saleslist under the button "Sales" on the left of this page.

My collection accommodates approximately 330 different species/subspecies/varieties/clones, with a total amount of 500-600 plants. I am mainly specialized in hardy species.

If you have any questions or comments about "how to grow them", trades, sales of anything else, please feel free to contact me.

Ries van Ool